Evaluation Committee

Experts from around the world can participate in the TIC Americas Semifinals and Finals evaluating Teams.

The Evaluation Committee will have professionals from different disciplines with extensive experience in their field, bilingual or multilingual professionals (English/Spanish/ Portuguese/French) with ample qualifications to carry out the judging of business/project plans and other materials submitted by Teams of TIC Americas.

In both the Semifinal and Final phases, the registered projects will be evaluated according to the Evaluation Criteria and the templates included in these Rules and in the General Terms and Conditions. 

The Evaluation Committee will provide feedback from the Semifinals and Finals to assist the participating teams in identifying areas for improvement.

The Evaluation Committee agrees to score Teams fully and impartially based on the technical quality and presentation of the business/project plan and the Team's performance during the competition and without regard to nationality, age, education, or other discriminatory factors.

All the experts of the Evaluation Committees agree to terms of confidentiality prior to judging the business/project plans, and they agree to abide by the TIC Americas Rules and Terms of Reference established and published by YABT and PepsiCo.

Under any circumstance, mentors of participating teams can be part of the Evaluation Committee. Mentors and experts from the Evaluation Committee cannot represent the same institution or organization.

YABT and PepsiCo will appoint a Virtual Evaluation Committee to coordinate the work of the judges and the review process during the Semifinals and Finals.

The members of the Evaluation Committee will participate on a voluntary basis and will not be paid by the Team, YABT, PepsiCo, or other sponsors.