Documents Required for Eco-Challenge 2023

 It is mandatory for each team participating in the Eco-Challenge 2023 to submit the following:

  1. A Business Project that proposes a solution to one of the Priorities.

  2. A Business Model Canvas that summarizes the Project Plan on one page.

  3. A website or online presence (Blog, Facebook fan page, Instagram, etc.).

Teams participating in the Eco-Challenge 2023 who present their Business Project in a format different from the one indicated may be disqualified and, therefore, will not be evaluated.

Eco-Challenge 2023 teams should also review the Evaluation Criteria on how the Business Project will be scored to ensure that all relevant points are covered in their presentations and deliverables. Those Business Projects that most closely address these points will be at a competitive advantage and those that do not may be determined ineligible or unresponsive.

Projects must respond to the aforementioned priorities of Eco-Challenge 2023. Teams must demonstrate that their project has the potential to be both scalable and sustainable.