1. Call for applications: 

Young people from the OAS member States and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and its Associate Member States have the opportunity to respond to a specific category challenge and address the priority they consider more suitable to the project they have developed. 

Young people can sign up for the competition via the TIC Americas platform and its categories landing pages. During this stage, participants will have access to a complete set of training opportunities provided by the YABT BOOT Camp platform. 

2. Semi-Finals:

Upon successful completion of the application process, and in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the competition, all registered teams will enter into an online evaluation phase, where a Evaluation Committee will evaluate the teams according to the established evaluation criteria for the competition.

Only teams who have completed and submitted all requirements will receive feedback from the organizers.

Participating teams that have completed all the requirements and are selected for the next phase are considered Finalists and will be notified by the organizers.

Due to the high number of participants, YABT and its partners will publicly announce the Finalists through their official websites. Only Finalist teams will be contacted by a YABT representative.

3. Finals:

TIC Americas Finalist Teams will make their "pitch" to an International Evaluation Committee following the Finals Presentation Structure of the Competition. Finalists also have the opportunity to showcase and promote their product or service at international events within the framework of activities of the YABT/OAS. 

If the Covid-19 pandemic context does not allow the implementation of onsite activities,  the Finals will be presented in a Virtual Format, where the Finalists and the international judging committee will interact with each other via an online platform - developed by YABT.  Both the Finalists and the Evaluation Committee will be trained in the usage of the platform before the Finals.  The structure of the presentation by the Finalists will maintain its original structure.     

The Finalists will also have the opportunity to showcase their products and services with an online approach, by each having their own Landing Page, and providing key content about their projects to showcase to all the participants attending the online Finals activities.