Youth on the Move: Youth Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Socio-Economic Integration of Migrants and Refugees

A joint initiative of USA for IOM and YABT

Thursday, February 29, 2024
9:00 am – 12:30 pm Washington, D.C.
Format: Roundtable

OAS Main Building (17th Street and Constitution Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006)

About the Meeting

During this meeting in roundtable format, stakeholders will address how entrepreneurship can become an effective approach to overcoming challenges of economic and social inclusion for young migrants and refugees; as well as how cross sectoral collaboration can make a meaningful, long-term impact in promoting social cohesion. Both for countries of origin and for host countries, entrepreneurship can create economic opportunities through its potential to stimulate both investment and private sector development.

During the discussion, the aim is to integrate the contributions and knowledge of the interested parties, exchanging their perspectives and relevant information that will contribute to the design of a proposal for the consolidation of new partnerships for development.

Participant List

Name Organization/Company Position
Ambassador Mayerlin Cordero Permanent Mission, Dominican Republic Ambassador, Permanent Representative
Pamela Polanco Permanent Mission, Dominican Republic Counselor
Ambassador Wendy Acevedo Castillo Permanent Mission, El Salvador Ambassador, Permanent Representative
Ernestina Reyes Reyes Permanent Mission, El Salvador Minister Counselor, Alternate Representative
Ambassador Jacinth Henry Martin Permanent Mission, St Kitts and Nevis / YABT Board of Directors Ambassador, Permanent Representative
Sherry Tross High Commission of St. Kitts and Nevis / YABT Board of Directors Ambassador/High Commissioner to Canada, Panama,Mexico
Francisco Martinez Sermeño International Organization for Migration Oficial Subregional de Reintegración Económica, Respuestas Integrales sobre Migración en Centroamérica (IRM)
Alia del Carmen Mata International Organization for Migration Deputy Chief of Party, Proyecto de Becas para el Crecimiento Económico
Maria Celina Ramos Conte Organization of American States Director, Summit of the Americas Secretariat
Yadira Pinilla Organization of American States / YABT Board of Directors Coordinator, Human Development and Scholarship Programs
Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian Organization of American States Director, Department of Social Inclusion
Maria Claudia Camacho Organization of American States Chief, Labor and Employment Section, Department of Human Development, Education and Employment
Carolina Mejia Mantilla World Bank Lead Specialist in Migration for the Poverty Global Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean
Matt Clausen Inter-American Foundation Partnership Specialist
Trinidad Ariztia Inter-American Foundation Foundation Representative for Guatemala and El Salvador
Colton Hubbard Plan USA Technical Advisor for Youth Economic Empowerment
Fred Tan Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Head, Global Social Impact
Dr. Lizette Huezo Tecnológico de Monterrey / YABT Board of Directors Department Head of the Entrepreneurship Department of the Western Region
Sean Jones International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Strategic Partnership Director
John McPhail Partners of the Americas President & CEO
Maria Andreina Zuluaga Hernandez Organización Venezolana de Jóvenes para Naciones Unidas (OVJNU) – Global CEO OVNJU-Global
Juan Pio Hernandez Plan País Director Ejecutivo
Angel Saltos Moonlight International, LLC Principal and Founder
Magdalena Janik Moonlight International, LLC Global Key Account Manager
Zhaybel Cardenas Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington Program Manager / Migrant Case Management
Nathalia G. Magri Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington Director | Migrant Case Management
Federico Arellano Pitch Jams Chief Executive Officer
Chinwe Effiong Global Giving Chief Program Officer
Magdalena Fulton International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Director of Youth Development
Steve Tae Mastercard Global Vice President of Business Development – International Institutions
Marisa Alvarado Rio Grande Foods Chief Executive Officer
Fernando Alvarado Rio Grande Foods Vice President
Maria Moreno USA for IOM Chief Executive Officer
Luciano Arroio USA for IOM Operations and Partnership Coordinator
Mr. Luis Niño Young Americas Business Trust Chair, YABT Board of Director
Valerie Lorena Young Americas Business Trust Chief Executive Officer
Luis Viguria Young Americas Business Trust Executive Director
Ambassador Denise G. Antoine Young Americas Business Trust Director, YABT Board of Directors
Araceli Azuara Young Americas Business Trust Director, YABT Board of Directors

The Innovation Challenge: Youth on the Move

The “Innovation Challenge: Youth on the Move”, a collaboration of YABT and USA for IOM in its first edition, is a regional innovation competition aimed at identifying, supporting, and accelerating innovative ideas and new business models initiated by young people. These initiatives aim to have a direct and positive impact on the host communities of the Venezuelan migrant, refugee, and displaced population in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, and Peru. 

For additional information, please contact YABT via Edgar Maestre, or contact USA for IOM through Luciano Arroio

Innovation Challenge website (in Spanish): 

Photography Release Notice

By participating in this event, I hereby authorize USA for IOM and YABT to take photographs of myself. I agree and understand that the photographs are being taken within the framework of this event. I understand and agree that future use of the photos may include, but is not limited to, use in publications, promotional material, brochures, reports, articles, presentations, future exhibitions and display on the websites of USA for IOM, YABT, and other third-party electronic format media outlets.