Natural Disasters

Agri Recovery Kit (A.R.K.)

Trinidad and Tobago

Over the past recent years, the Caribbean islands have suffered from several hurricanes that hit the region, and have displaced and affected thousands of people. Now in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has effectively slowed down food imports in which our region gained 80 - 90% of its food supply. Agri Recovery Kit, or A. R. K., is a disaster preparedness and relief invention that provides nutritive food, supports communications and knowledge access for afflicted or displaced people and communities after a major disaster. The kit empowers users and communities to grow and supply a portion of their own food during the months after a disaster, allowing room to secure other necessities and to rebuild.

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Team Members

Keron Andre David Bascombe
Shaquilla Berenice Betty Daniels
Eber Ravariere
Mitchel Davis John

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