• Colombia
    April - 2012

La revista de TIC Americas 2012

TIC Americas 2012

Cartagena, Colombia


Finals in Cartagena, Colombia on April 10-13

  • 1,898 registrations
  • 28 countries
  • 36 finalists from 18 countries
  • Results of the Youth Dialogue are presented at the VI Summit of the Americas
  • For the first time, TIC Americas was held within the framework of the Summit of the 
    Americas in Colombia
  • Young people participated as a social actor in the Summit process



    Talent & Innovation

  • Team: IDra

    Country: Colombia

    Category: New Markets

    Smart Dressing Rooms that offers information about the specific clothing one tries on, such as colors and sizes available in the store.
  • Team: Conexión Adulto Mayor

    Country: Perú

    Category: Social Entrepreneurship

    Is website that offers information, products, services and community resources for senior citizens people, their families and caregivers.
  • Team: Sparck

    Country: Chile

    Category: E-Entrepreneur

    Communication systems based on holography for education and online web services systems.
  • Team: Turn Green Solutions

    Country: USA

    Category: Tradition and Culture

    Patented technology that addresses and positively impacts environmental issues providing a substitute material made from recycled plastic and rice waste.
  • Team: Nueva Oportunidad

    Country: Costa Rica

    Category: People´s Choice

    Creation of a micro-business incubator adapted to penal institutions, supporting inmates' re-socialization.



  • Team: Siphiwe Honey Gold Farm and Preserve

    Country: Bahamas


    This innovation promotes environmental education, natural resource conservation, and agronomy research through participation in ecotourist activities.
  • Team: Reciclando Aceite

    Country: Argentina


    Reuse of vegetable oil waste from domestic sources for the production of organic soap.


    TIC Colombia

  • Team: Meetrico

    Country: Colombia


    Website that allows people to be aware of and reserved work-sharing spaces from a city when available.

  • Team: Intern Latin America

    Country: Colombia


    Provide opportunities for international students to come to Latam, facilitating scholarships, internships, volunteering and Spanish classes.