• El Salvador
    June - 2011

La revista de TIC Americas 2011

TIC Americas 2011

San Salvador, El Salvador


  • 1,234 registrations
  • 22 countries represented
  • 28 finalists from 12 countries
  • Results of the Youth Dialogue were presented at the XLI OAS General Assembly
  • TIC Americas winners participated in the Private Sector Forum of the Americas



    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: Solben

    Country: Mexico

    Category: Spirit of Entrepreneurship recognition

    With the main value “Being Green”, SOLBEN (Solutions in Biodiesel) is a Mexican company that seeks to promote the treatment and use of bioenergy, developing and commercializing technology for the production of Biodiesel.

  • Team: Clic Educa

    Country: Chile

    Category: Tradition and Culture

    Educational Software, an integration of TICs services, Clic Educa combines the new educational trends with the traditional learning customs.


  • Team: Rubikey

    Country: Colombia

    Category: New Markets

    Rubikey proposes an integral solution, offering a line of services, applicable individually or jointly, working business intelligence, market intelligence, and knowhow.


  • Team: Medio Lleno

    Country: El Salvador

    Category: Social Entrepreneurship

    Through editorial content on the web, Medio Lleno offers a space to exchange opportunities for young people, where they can learn, search and share.


  • Team: Hologramas 3D

    Country: Uruguay

    Category: Creative Design

    Hologramas 3D proposes the development of holographic platforms and the creation of interactive support systems for the advertising industry.    

  • Team: Aventones

    Country: Mexico

    Category: E- Business

    Aventones is a green alternative that promotes the culture of car sharing through an online application, thus, using motor vehicles in a more efficient way.



  • Team: RaxuleW

    Country: Guatemala


    RaxuleW is an environmental project that consists in building an Ecological Park to be a touristic destination; this would generate a positive impact both in the local economy, the wellbeing of its citizens, and the environment.


  • Team: Verdeate.com

    Country: Colombia


    An online movement that creates awareness regarding the daily consumption of CO2 through simple and funny challenges –these can run a week to a month, and lets users know how much CO2 consuption they are reducing by taking the challenges.



    TIC El Salvador

  • Team: TipSal



    Is a company founded by young El Salvadorians and focuses on artisan manufacturing and commercialization of products from the region, helping preserve traditions and customs through culinary art.

  • Team: Newschool



    New School is the first hip hop dance academy of El Salvador, where students can learn specialized techniques in hip hop, Latin rhythms, jazz, ballet, and aerobics.


  • Team: Endow Technologies



    A device that turns the conventional mouse, into one that can be used with one’s feet. Includes two carpets with specific functions, it is adaptable for both lefties and righties, the carpets are connected by a thin wire.

  • Team: Choco Mix


    Category: People's Choice

    ChocoMix are seeds dipped in chocolate; they give the product a very distinctive attribute, original and unique and is enjoyed by the most demanding palattes.

  • Team: Uumbali


    Category: Outstanding Green Business

    Úumbali is a new concept of raising awareness, through an interactive farm, ecologic knowledge workshops, recycling, and animal contact, and that targets children and youth.