• Peru
    June - 2010

La revista de TIC Americas 2010

TIC Americas 2010

Lima, Peru 


  • 944 registrations
  • 21 countries represented
  • 32 finalists from 10 countries
  • Results of the Youth Dialogue are presented at the XL OAS General Assembly
  • 1st edition of the Eco-Challenge, the environmental award category developed in partnership with PepsiCo.


    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: Alyra Labs

    Country: Costa Rica

    Category: Spirit of Entrepreneurship recognition

    BothroVax ® is a vaccine used to protect cattle from the undesirable effects of poisoning produced by the snakebite of the "terciopelo" viper, Bothrops asper. It is the first vaccine developed in Costa Rica and Central America to prevent damage caused by an ophidic accident, making BothroVax® a completely innovative product in the agro-veterinary market. 

  • Team: Directorio Verde

    Country: Argentina

    Category: Best Social Impact

    Directorio Verde is the first online guide of sustainable products and services in Argentina. It engages the public in a system of responsible, environmentally-friendly consumption, healthier and commercially transparent. 

  • Team: Mi Guia Educativa

    Country: Costa Rica

    Category: New Markets

    miguiaEducativa.com is a virtual platform offering personalized products and services for training and psycho-education advice for parents and students.


  • Team: Virtualibros

    Country: Uruguay

    Category: Tradition and Culture

    Virtualibros is an application that merges the conventional book and the computer, providing the possibility to see 3D animations and videos on a digital screen, interacting with the text that is being read.

  • Team: Mikomovil

    Country: Colombia

    Category: E-Business

    Green Advertising Mikomovil is a powerful tool based on proximity marketing that allows sending multimedia content, within a 100m area, to other cell-phones through Bluetooth.

  • Team: Touch IT Dream On

    Country: Uruguay

    Category: Creative Design

    Touchit! Provides innovative solutions to interactive communication with touch technology to enrich the experience, entertainment and information for the people.

  • Team: Wormhole IT

    Country: Argentina

    Category: International Alliance

    Wormhole IT is a company of technology and business professionals, brought together in search of solutions that could improve the daily routine, transforming the way we work and collaborate online.

  • Team: Clean Plastics

    Country: Colombia

    Category: People's Choice

    CLEAN PLASTICS manufactures and commercializes biodegradable packaging and bottling for products with temperatures below 40°C and agricultural articles.

  • Team: 3D Housing

    Country: Argentina

    Category: TIC Americas MERCOSUR

    3D Housing offers an innovative service that using the augmented reality technology, achieves the virtual visualization of a building prior to its construction - thanks to a virtual reality helmet and software.

  • Team: Taximart

    Country: Peru

    Category: TIC Americas Peru

    DEVOS INC develops solutions to everyday issues using information technology. Its main product is TAXIMART, an information system that satisfies the needs and demand of taxis offering a new modality for order entries.



  • Team: Big Tank

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Best Video Game

    The BIGTANK videogame is the result of the lack of awareness, in our everday life, regarding the importance of water preservation in our cities.

  • Team: Ingenieros sin Fronteras

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Best Community Solution

    The Project emphasizes improving the quality of water, in this case it will be developed in Mochuelo –a rural community close to Bogota, through technologies that can be appropriate technically, communally and economically.


    CSR Awards

  • Team: Vigo Pan

    Country: Perú


    Vigo Pan "The force of the earth" is a fortified bread which has replaced 40% of wheat flour with Arraccacia xanthrorriza grown in the Andes.
  • Team: Mi Guia Educativa

    Country: Costa Rica


    miguiaEducativa.com is a virtual platform offering personalized products and services for training and psycho-education advice for parents and students.

  • Team: Prospera

    Country: México


    PROSPERA goes beyond microfinance by fundamentally transforming the way microenterprises operate and do business. The organization offers a scalable buying group and Supply Chain Management Services to microenterprises in Mexico and Latin America.