• Peru
    April - 2018

La revista de TIC Americas 2018

TIC Americas 2018

Lima, Peru


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    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: Evea Ecofashion

    Country: Peru

    Category: Startup Challenge and Recognition of the Best Peruvian Entrepreneurship

    Evea Eco Fashion was created with the purpose of forest preservation and community development through sustainable fashion. Evea produces sustainable footwear and accessories, and researches the production of biomaterials. The Evea footwear includes natural rubber from communities, while helping to triple their incomes and preserve two shiringa trees per pair of shoes. It uses organic cotton with the GOTS label, including biodegradable tint and nontoxic aqueous glue, which reduce the carbon footprint for final users, and promote responsible consumption.



  • Team: Bio Natural Cover

    Country: Peru

    Category: Eco-Challenge - Environment

    Bio-Natural Cover is a 100% natural and edible liquid that covers the fruits in the post-harvest stage in order to control its decomposition, and extending its lifespan up to 200%. This does not affect its quality and safety, and presents itself as an innovative and sustainable alternative for the agro-industrial sector.

  • Team: Aleph Agriplus - Makasan

    Country: Haiti

    Category: Eco-Challenge - Nutrition

    MAKASAN is a highly nutritional beverage made from corn with milk, ginger, and citronella. It is an innovation of the Haitian traditional beverage called Akasan, usually produced at home or by street vendors. Makasan innovates the recipe by adding different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, etc. Makasan is especially produced for those who are looking for energy to start the day and to stay strong throughout the day. Makasan is your meal in a bottle!

  • Team: Comfy

    Country: Ecuador

    Category: Eco-Challenge - Women

    Comfy It is a disposable toilet cover that prevents women from getting sick by going to a public restroom. It contains two layers: the first layer is antimicrobial, made by natural extracts that eliminate 98% of microorganisms, and the second is an impermeable layer that prevents leaks and direct contact with the toilet. It is also friendly to the environment because it is 100% biodegradable.
  • Team: Water Squad

    Country: Guatemala

    Category: Eco Challenge - Central America

    Water Squared is a system that provides an alternative for the conservation of water. It recycles gray water from sanitary devices for its use in agriculture, and in this way, supporting an irrigation system for small, medium and large producers. Water Squared seeks to reduce the water footprint, in addition to contributing to the quality and profitability of crops.
  • Team: Godoil

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Eco-Challenge - Colombia

    Godoil is composed of plant extracts that break the bonds of oil, and converts it into organic carbons. This helps to recover, restore, and remedy water sources and contaminated soil on-site, in the shortest time. We are a group of Colombian entrepreneurs and innovators, with the aim of providing the international market with innovative, ecological and sustainable solutions for both the agricultural and hydrocarbon sectors.
  • Team: Qorinka

    Country: Peru

    Category: Eco-Challenge - Nutrition and Recognition Best Female Entrepreneurship

    Qorinka is a company in the agricultural sector, that aims to rescue the Incan medicine. Infusions of “black mashua”, a native potato of Peru known as the black gold of the Andes, contributes with great pharmaceutical and healing properties to the human body. According to studies, this food, with protein, carbohydrate, and anthocyanin, is anticancerous and is able to treat cancer of colon, skin and prostate. This is cultivated since the pre-Inca culture.


    Caribbean Innovation Competition

  • Team: Karibites

    Country: Grenada


    KariBites is an online platform where locals and tourists can discover restaurants and order delicious meals nearby. KariBites offers a delivery service, by itself, or partnering with other delivery companies, to serve restaurants that have not been able to provide their own. The Karibites platform gives restaurants a dashboard where they can efficiently manage incoming orders and customize their menu to match exactly with what they have in store.

  • Team: Bresheh

    Country: Jamaica

    Category: People's Choice Award

    In 2015, two brothers, on our verandah, with one machine and big dreams, decided to start this social enterprise called Bresheh, to sustainably create timeless products which lead to improved lives and fulfilled dreams. We work with talented, unemployed individuals from various marginalized communities, to make our 100% customizable backpacks, duffle bags, and tote bags. Customers can choose their desired colours, compartments and add names. To benefit the environment, offcuts from our production, as well as used jeans, are upcycled to make quality products.