• Dominican Republic
    June - 2016

La revista de TIC Americas 2016

TIC Americas 2016

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 


  • 2,795 registrations from 39 countries
  • 35 finalists from 15 countries
  • The outcome results from the Youth Dialogue were presented at the 46 OAS General Assembly
  • Winners from the 2nd edition of the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) participate as finalists in TIC Americas


    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: Free Mind / Libertad Pura

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Social Innovation Award

    FreeMind is a relaxing beverage with 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 stress. FreeMind promotes responsible consumption through the project #TodosPorLaGuajira, intended to create solutions to water access problems for communities in need.

  • Team: Mamut baldosas ecológicas de reciclado de llantas

    Country: Bolivia

    Category: High Impact Entrepreneur Award

    Mamut develops cushioned floors for athletes and eco-friendly children's parks through the collection and processing of plastic and rubber waste.



  • Team: Sumet Lum Aceites Esenciales

    Country: Mexico

    Category: Eco-Challenge Award

    Sumet Lum Aceites Esenciales reuses fruit waste from public markets, fruit stores, groups of agricultural producers, among others, to manufacture essential oils and other organic compounds of industrial interest. Also it promote tourism in Chiapas by creating packaging that incorporates indigenous elements of the region.


    Country: Brazil

    Category: Eco-Challenge Award

    Pay Green is a mobile web application that educates, motivates, and empowers people to consume responsibly water and electricity. This application enables the user to monitor their consumption and resources to improve their saving behavior.

  • Team: Greenblocks

    Country: Mexico

    Category: Eco-Challenge Award

    Greenblocks manufactures materials from the recycled plastic waste and provides formal employment opportunity for people that live in poverty in Chiapas. Recycled plastics are crushed and incorporated into building materials, such as eco-blocks, eco-panels and eco-roofs.

  • Team: Regare

    Country: Bolivia

    Category: Eco-Challenge Award

    REGARE offers a technological solution for the collection, storage and distribution of water during the rainy season. This system is innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly and presents an adaptation strategy to climate change that allows mindful and responsible water usage.

  • Team: Reciklos

    Country: El Salvador

    Category: Eco Challenge Central America Award

    Reciklos is a technological device that encourages a new culture of PET recycling in El Salvador. It seeks to change the traditional way of recycling and encourages fun, large-scale citizen participation.

  • Team: Menos residuos más alimentos

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Eco Challenge Colombia Award

    Menos residuos, más alimentos recycles agri-industrial waste (plants and starches) by producing natural, low calorie syrups, which serve as sweeteners. Thanks to this innovative process, it is possible to recover between 70% and 90% of fruit and vegetable waste.


  • Team: Konservi

    Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Category: Caribbean Innovation Competition

    Konservi is a powerful social promotions app that connects businesses with their customers. Customers use Konservi to stay informed of the best deals and promotions from the businesses they love.

  • Team: The Vinelist Inc.

    Country: Jamaica


    We are a platform for retail businesses operating in emerging markets who are looking for an alternative way to find new and repeat customers.

  • Team: AIME

    Country: Dominican Republic

    Category: Premio TIC República Dominicana

    Aime is a tool able to predict the exact geographical location of the next dengue and zika outbreaks by using artificial intelligence, data analysis and epidemiological research.

  • Team: ColorBlind

    Country: Dominican Republic

    Category: People's Choice Award

    Colorblind Design is a social enterprise dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to tourists destinations in order to properly welcome people with disabilities so that these destinations can become agents of social and labor inclusion.

  • Team: Thermy

    Country: Mexico

    Category: Woman Innovator of the Americas - Recognition

    Thermy is a softwre solution for the early detection of breast cancer, using a non-invasive, effective and accessible method based in the analysis of infrared images, ultrasonic analysis and/or clinical data through vision and artificial intelligence techniques.