• Panama
    April - 2015

La revista de TIC Americas 2015

VII Summit of the Americas - IV Young Americas Forum


    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: TeachLr

    Country: Venezuela

    Category: Economic Innovation - Latin America

    Teachlr is a personalized and interactive eLearning platform where people of all ages and places from Spanish-speaking countries can learn through high quality content offered by companies, universities, experts and instructors.

  • Team: Agrocentral

    Country: Jamaica

    Category: Economic Innovation –Caribbean

    Agrocentral is a web and mobile app that enables farmers sell their products directly to local businesses without the inclusion of a middleman in the purchasing process
  • Team: Plataforma Saude

    Country: Brasil

    Category: Social Innovation – Latin America

    Plataforma Saude is a social enterprise in Rio de Janeiro that uses mobile technology to provide quality health care to communities with little or no access to basic health care. Plataforma Saude conducts series of tests to identify potential risks of non-communicable diseases in these communities.
  • Team: Medregis

    Country: Barbados

    Category: Social Innovation - Caribbean

    MedRegis consists of an ambulatory care application for medical and non-medical staff. Instead of the traditional Electronic Health Records, this app breaks down the patient's information into user specific apps tailor-made to doctors, nurses, pharmacists and help desk personnel.



  • Team: Eva - Servico Do Agua

    Country: Brazil

    Category: Eco-Challenge

    Eva Cleaning water a device that treats residential waste, saline or muddy water by accelerating its evaporation and condensation. It is made of recycled plastic and its innovative design doubles the capacity of solar heat absorption.

  • Team: Cocumo

    Country: Venezuela

    Category: Eco-Challenge

    Cocumo proposes a filter made of coconut husk for vehicle exhaust pipes. This filter is modern, environmentally friendly and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by vehicles.
  • Team: Life Out of Plastic L.O.O.P.

    Country: Peru

    Category: Eco-Challenge

    L.O.O.P. offers products like bags and hoddies made of PET fiber and locally produced and runs environmental awareness campaigns on the "plastic pollution".
  • Team: All GreenUP

    Country: Chile

    Category: Eco-Challenge

    allGreenup seeks to change the relationship between the people and the environment by encouraging them to recognize and improve their impact on the planet by adopting eco-friendly routines tracked by a mobile application.
  • Team: Eco-vida, para un mundo mejor

    Country: Nicaragua

    Category: Eco-Challenge Central America

    Eco-Vida uses PET post-consumption to design and build writing desks for classrooms in schools from rural areas in Nicaragua. In doing so, Eco-Vida aims to promote sustainability by recycling PET and to increase the access of furniture by low-income communities by substituting wood as its main construction material.
  • Team: Water Pacific

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Eco-Challenge Colombia

    Implements an eco-efficient technology using an atmospheric water collector that has the ability to supply drinking water in remote communities.


    Other awards

  • Team: Mayan Pitz

    Country: Guatemala

    Category: The Americas Cultural Entrepreneurship Award

    The Mayan Pitz project is a video game for mobile phones and computers that seeks to rescue and promote the cultural value of the Mayan Civilization by virtually recreating the Mesoamerican ballgame.

  • Team: Kapokara

    Country: Ecuador

    Category: People’s Choice Award

    KAPOKARA proposes an incentive mechanism for massive collection of PET post-consumption where people can be exchange PET bottles for school supplies. This initiative is linked to the conservation of Guayaquil’s emblematic parrot.