• Panama
    June - 2007

La revista de TIC Americas 2007

TIC Americas 2007

Panama City, Panama


  • 790 registrations
  • 32 finalists from 10 countries


    Talent and Innovation

  • Team: Mission Three

    Country: United States

    Category: Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Fresh products delivery directly from the local farms. The service sells and delivers farmers' quality, healthy and low-cost products directly to the clients in a convenient manner.

  • Team: Unima Integral Biosecurity

    Country: Mexico

    Category: Business Process

    "Unima Bioseguridad Integral" is a company specialized in the development of biotechnological products for the control of diseases that affect human health and productivity in the food industry.

  • Team: Progalu

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Creative Design

    Progalu is a biotechnological project with high social impact and value. It looks to improve the quality of life of people, through the strengthening of their immune system, with the purpose of reducing the index of infectious diseases and diseases caused by viruses with an epidemiological profile, in Colombia.

  • Team: EdgeIT

    Country: Brazil

    Category: E-Business

    EdgeIT is an IT solutions provider with a solid experience in business communications, which has developed software for content and media management.

  • Team: DUTO

    Country: Colombia

    Category: Social Entrepreneurship

    DUTO is a system unlike others existing across the work, which allows people with visual impairment to perceive a variety of images, shapes, figures, and colors using their hands.

  • Team: South Hope

    Country: Mexico

    Category: radition and Culture

    We offer an unique Eco-Tourism experience within the roots of the mexican culture. South Hope reaches those regions of Mexico, where ancient essence is preserved to this day.

  • Team: Nutralif

    Country: Mexico

    Category: New Markets

    Nutralif offers healthy and nutritious agricultural products. The value-add, however, is the additional benefits the company brings to the families, by including employee necessities and regional development within the organization's vision.

  • Team: Da Flea

    Country: Taiwan

    Category: International Alliance

    De Flea's objective is to rebuild all forms of media communication into simple elements of text, sound, and photography (including images, pictures, etc.). This will allow the users to share and use these elements freely for download, reproduction, through agreements with the GNU.