VIII - Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee is the maximum authority in charge of scoring teams participating in TIC Americas.

Judges from around the world will be part of an Evaluation Committee responsible for scoring teams based on the judging criteria established by the rules of this competition.

Judges are welcome to participate in the TIC Americas Semi-Finals and Finals as agreed with organizers.

Every year, YABT opens a call for expressions of interest by experts and professionals focused on TIC Americas’ relevant topics, where judges are selected based on their professional track record, their knowledge of Latin American & Caribbean businesses, as well as the ability to speak any of the OAS official languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French).

Judges will score teams impartially based on the technical quality and presentation of the business/project plan and the team's performance during the competition, without discrimination of nationality, age, education or any other factor.

Judges will provide feedback to selected participants from the Semi-Finals and Finals to assist the participating teams in identifying areas for improvement.

Judges must be registered in the TIC Americas platform and follow the guidelines provided for the evaluation by category.

All judges agree to the terms of confidentiality stipulated in numeral (1) of the Terms and Conditions of this rules, prior to scoring the business plans, and they agree to abide by the TIC Americas Rules as well as the Terms of Reference established and published by YABT and PepsiCo, cbc, and Postobón S.A. 

Mentors of participating teams cannot be judges under any circumstance.

Judges will participate on a voluntary basis and will not be paid by the Team, by YABT, PepsiCo, cbc, and Postobón S.A. or other sponsors.