IV - Requirements by category

A. Requirements for Eco-Challenge

Teams may present the following requirements in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Each team participating in the Eco-Challenge must submit:
1. A project plan that proposes a solution to one of the challenges
2. A Business model canvas that summarizes the project plan in one page
3. A website or online presence using any software (DIY, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
4. A Promotional video


B. Requirements for Startup Challenge 

All participating Startup Challenge teams must submit:

1. Business Plan with a market validation of prototype | Download Financial Plan Template
2. Promotional Video
3. Website
4. Growth projection of the business
5. Business Model Canvas that summarizes the project plan in one page (optional)
6. Investment Profile | Video guide


Participants should also review the scoring criteria on how the Business Plans will be scored to ensure that all relevant points are covered in their presentations. Those Business Plans that most closely address these points will be at a competitive advantage.