III - Stages

TIC Americas has 2 stages:

1. Semi-Finals:

The semifinals consist of the evaluation and selection of all teams that meet all the requirements according to their category while going through online and on-site training that enable them to improve their business models. At this stage the teams that will participate in the finals of TIC Americas will be selected.

Only teams who have completed all requirements will receive feedback from the organizers’ side.

A group of international judges will score the participating teams according to the evaluation criteria of the competition. Due to the high number of participants, YABT and its partners will publicly announce the finalists through their official websites. Only finalist teams will be contacted by a YABT representative.

2. Finals:

TIC Americas Finalist Teams will make their "pitch" to a judging Committee, following the Finals Presentation Structure of the Competition. Finalists also have the opportunity to showcase and promote their product or service at international events within the framework of activities of the YABT/OAS.