II - Categories

 a. Startup Challenge

Startup ChallengeThe category seeks the development of innovative solutions proposed by young entrepreneurs who through economic models, both product and service level, have a positive impact on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Startup Challenge promotes and supports the consolidation of fast-growing enterprises in the agricultural, health, manufacturing, education, energy and financial sectors.

The projects developed should promote the generation of greater and better jobs. The empowerment of the local and regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. The improvement of the quality of life and the reduction of economic and social inequality.

Startup Challenge recognizes the importance of developing innovative enterprises that can then be scalable and replicable. Which is why special emphasis will be placed on the potential commercialization of intellectual development and protection of intellectual property rights.

The category encourages and recognizes young entrepreneurs in an innovative, scalable and sustainable way to develop disruptive business models by accessing new markets. Generating new technologies, thus promoting economic empowerment, reducing inequality and directly supporting the implementation of the objectives for sustainable development.

  b. Eco-Challenge

Eco RetoThe category seeks the development of innovative solutions developed by young people that allow the improvement of the quality of life. Made possible through a tripartite approach divided in Nutrition, Environment and Women

Eco Challenge 9.0 is a program created by PepsiCo and the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), with the support of the Organization of American States and the sponsorship of cbc in Central America and Postobon in Colombia. The program seeks to promote the development, identify, recognize and reward business solutions that are innovative, sustainable and viable to reduce the impact the industry has on the environment.

For Eco-Challenge 9.0 teams are asked to develop and propose viable, scalable and ready-to-invest solutions in the following three sub-categories:

1) Nutrition

Reto NutriciónSolutions that increase access to nutritious and adequate food and beverages at affordable and healthy prices that positively support the nutrition of low-income populations, especially in rural areas

  • Development of foods and beverages of high nutritional value and low cost developed based on inputs from the region.
  • Development of distribution and education models to improve nutrition at the base of the pyramid and unprotected populations.

2) Environment

Reto AmbienteSolutions that respond to the fact that the relationship between food and people. Involving the protection of the environment, and the development of sustainable ways of producing and consuming food

  • Development of innovative solutions for the sustainable use and management of water in agriculture
  • Recycling, collection and massive reuse of bottles and containers made of PET and BOPP material through scalable and sustainable processes
  • The use or reuse of bio-products from fruits and vegetables such as oranges, mangoes, coconuts, bananas and potato peel

3) Women

Reto MujeresSolutions that reduce gender inequality. Particularly by supporting access to the labor market for young people and women, in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Development of programs or initiatives that support the economic and social empowerment of women, and promote their access to the labor market.