Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco


The Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology of Jalisco aims to promote the development of projects and / or events whose purpose is the dissemination and dissemination of scientific knowledge, promote the economy based in knowledge as well how to promote the attraction of investments in Research, Technological Development and Innovation, linking the academic community, the productive sector and Jalisco society.

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"An initiative like TIC Jalisco, will allow young people to develop business proposals that are sustainable and attractive for local and international private investment, because they undoubtedly contribute to economic reactivation (...) In addition, the number of entrepreneurs creating jobs for themselves as for other people, contributing to the welfare, economic activity and equal opportunities for different populations of our state"

Alejandro Guzmán Larralde
Head of the General Strategic Coordination of Growth and Economic Development
Jalisco Government