Rules Overview

TIC Americas puts a special emphasis on innovative solutions that are able to create impact 


TIC Americas has three categories:

  1. Start-up 
  2. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Eco-challenge 


The participating Teams may submit their projects and deliverables for the online semi-finals in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. Teams qualifying for the TIC Americas Finals must present copies of their written Business Plan in either English or Spanish. 


Teams registering for TIC Americas must be citizens or legal residents of the OAS member countries, and must be legally authorized to start and operate a business in their country. Multinational Teams (from 2 or more countries) may compete.

All team members (excluding mentors) must be between 18 and 34 years of age by 5:00 PM, January 15, 2016. Proof of age will be required for Finalists.

International teams can compete if one of these two parameters is met:

(A) One member of the international team is a citizen of a member state of the OAS

(B) The project / business is implemented in a Member State of the OAS

Registration Process

The deadline to register in TIC Americas and to upload all required documents is January 15, 2016


It depends on the category you wish to participate in, for more information click here

All required documents, videos, links, and images must be uploaded to the Team Profiles at No documents will be accepted via email or in any other form, format, or location before or after the deadline.


Businessmen, professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world will evaluate participating teams. Judges in both Semi-Finals and Finals phases will evaluate and score the projects according to the judging criteria and templates in these Rules. Their aim is to provide feedback and assist the participating teams in identifying areas for improvement.

Author's Rights

The participating teams will own and keep the author's Rights of the Business/Project Plans presented during TIC Americas. However, YABT, PepsiCo, cbc and Postobon must be given first option on any aspect of the project, including but not restricted to the implementation, funding, communication, etc. 

Principle of Confidentiality

All information submitted by the Teams during the Online Semi-Finals is considered confidential. Teams will be asked to provide a summary of the project that will be made available to the public though the YABT, TIC Americas, and PepsiCo websites, informational bulletins, and magazines.