Eco-Challenge 7.0

Eco-challenge is TIC Americas' environmental innovation special category. Eco-challenge helps young entrepreneurs to develop environmental solutions and turn them into sustainable business models in Latin America and the Caribbean

This program is organized by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), PepsiCo and the Organization of American States. It is sponsored by cbc – Central America and Postobón - Colombia

In Eco-challenge 7.0, YABT, PepsiCo, cbc and Postobón aim to support young entrepreneurs with projects designed to care about the environment and able to respond to the following challenges:

ECO-CHALLENGE 1: Sustainable agriculture 
a. The sustainable reuse of agricultural products
(i.e. banana peels, orange peels, potato skins, coconut shells, etc.)
b. The promotion of agriculture as a profitable and desirable activity for youth in 21st century

a. A sustainable way to massively collect PET post-consumption
b. An innovative way to reuse large quantities of PET

a. Access to safe water (i.e. rainwater collection & filtration)
b. Efficient use of water in agriculture

ECO-CHALLENTE 4: Consumer friendly Eco-App
a. An Application tailored to brands in order to engage consumers with sustainable living styles and friendly with the environment.

In order to help entrepreneurs to develop solutions tailored to each challenge, YABT will be carrying out virtual training sessions available in our BOOT Camp.


Did you know? 

From 2009 to 2015, registrations have gone up from 300 teams annually to 1,522 teams for the Eco-Challenge category within TIC Americas. This significant increase demonstrates the growing involvement of the Americas youth in designing innovative solutions to environmental issues.


In 2009, PepsiCo and YABT partnered to create the Eco-Challenge, a category of awards within TIC Americas, focused on innovative projects that offer creative solutions to environmental problems. 

In 2013, cbc and YABT partnered to create the regional Eco-Challenge aimed at promoting innovative solutions for environmental problems developed by Young Central Americans. 

In 2015, Postobón joined YABT, PepsiCo, and cbc in order to increase efforts in Colombia and create a Colombian national eco-challenge category.

Do you have any question about our new challenges?

Feel free to get in touch with us through Twitter and/or Facebook by including in your message #EcoChallenge. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible!