Startup Challenge

The Startup Challenge a category of TIC Americas focused in strengthen the potential of young people in the implementation of the SDG through innovation and entrepreneurship with emphasis on the orange, purple and green economy.

TIC Dominican Republic

TIC Dominican Republic is looking for entrepreneurs with the highest impact and innovation level in the country. Entrepreneurs can register through the Orange Economy, Purple Economy or Green Economy.

Orange Economy

To the effect of this competition, the orange economy refers to all activities that intertwine in order to produce goods and services of added value in the creative industries, supported by collaborative economies and other activities based on innovation and intellectual property.


Purple Economy

To the effect of this competition, the purple economy refers to those activities within cultural-related industries that offer adaptable solutions within the context of diversity and traditional local customs.

Green Economy

To the effect of this competition, the green economy refers to environment-friendly business models that promote the efficient use of resources and materials in the life cycles of their products and/or services.